President’s Page

Spring 2017

TCNA Hopes to Increase Community Engagement

As the end of my term as TCNA President nears, I want to convey a positive sense of the future for our Tuscany-Canterbury neighborhood. The article in the Spring 2017 issue of the TCNA newsletter by Board Member Mike Cross-Barnet outlines the efforts of your Board to expand the involvement of community residents in TCNA, as well as to increase awareness about our activities. We realize that we need to do a better job of acquainting neighborhood residents--approximately 5,000 people--with the accomplishments achieved by the TCNA Board. We also need to engage more residents in the life of our community.

We have a good story to tell. For example, one improvement that everybody appreciates is the left-turn signals at 39th and Charles streets. It took the Board, with help from our wonderful Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, over two years to persuade the city’s Traffic Department to install those lights. The reduction in the number of accidents at that corner made the effort worthwhile! We residents of Tuscany-Canterbury are fortunate to have so many “anchor institutions” supporting us. I’m sure you know that Councilwoman Clarke is a key member of our community and that she and her staff are always responsive to requests for help. We also benefit from the generosity of the Calvert School. For years, we have used their Assembly Hall for our meetings; we are invited to use the Calvert playgrounds for the fall TCNA picnic; and Calvert employees plow the roads and sidewalks around the school when it snows.

Many residents enjoy the free concerts presented by the nearby Second Presbyterian Church, and residents are encouraged to have lunch at the Scottish Rite Temple on Thursdays when members prepare lunch ($5, fall through spring). Our close neighbor, Johns Hopkins University, shares online information about free lectures and events, such as “movie night” and the spring picnic, to which residents of nearby neighborhoods are invited.

So many positive connections already exist in Tuscany-Canterbury. I invite you to become more involved and to extend an invitation to your friends and neighbors to join TCNA and to support and benefit from life in Tuscany-Canterbury.

Sue Talbott, President, TCNA Board of Directors

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