Neighborhood Association

Tuscany-Canterbury is served by the Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association (TCNA), which

  • serves as a forum for communication within the neighborhood.
  • furthers educational, charitable, and other nonprofit activities in and for the neighborhood.
  • assists the neighborhood in developing positions on such matters as zoning, parking, traffic control, preservation, and other quality of life issues.
  • represents the interests of the neighborhood before city and state agencies.

On a day to day basis TCNA is active in promoting the neighborhood. For over 40 years TCNA has acted to:

  • Security—through regular contact with Baltimore's Police Department and with Johns Hopkins and Loyola security officials.
  • Tranquility—through continuing conversations with Calvert School and JHU on traffic reduction and noise abatement, and improved fraternity relations.
  • Beautification and upkeep—through maintaining our community gardens, arranging City Dumpster Days, sponsoring community sales, and watching major construction projects and the impact they have on the community.
  • Social Events—through hosting the TCNA annual picnic, monthly happy hours, and sponsoring other social, cultural and educational activities.
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